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250W Heavy Duty Gear Oil


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Liberty’s Gears® Patented Extreme 250W Heavy Duty EP Gear Oil has been approved for street & off road vehicles, all forms of high performance racing, including top fuel, and alcohol racing during extreme conditions. It has been designed to reduce friction & wear, perform under the highest levels of heat & stress, and is recommended for use in differentials, manual transmissions, worm gears, power dividers, supercharges, and all gear boxes that require a gear lubricant.

Liberty’s Gears® Patented Extreme Heavy Duty EP Gear Oils are superior base oils formulated into a complex mixture of extreme pressure lubricants combined with a “High Performance Coating Technology” that is engineered to minimize friction & wear, increase part & gear life, reduce operating temperature and perform under extreme pressure & heat. This unique formula also provides continuous protection by dispersing & clinging to critical areas without creating any drag, and continues these benefits while protecting against corrosion. The proprietary technology is attracted to areas of heat and friction, as pressures increase with RPM or load, the special lubricants combined with the active “Coating” technology can form a self-lubricating “Ceramic” film in high load & heat areas, providing critical protection that actively seeks out areas needing increased lubrication, and at times not simply reduce or eliminate wear, but can also help prevent micro-welding & galling.

Applications: Liberty’s Gears® Patented Extreme 250W Heavy Duty EP Gear Oil is designed to be used in Liberty prepped, non-synchronized manual transmissions including our Clutchless Equalizer and Extreme style transmissions and is recommended for use in extreme drag race application ring and pinions. Liberty’s Gears® Patented Extreme 250W Heavy Duty EP Gear Oil meets or exceeds the following service classifications: API: GL-3, GL-4 Extreme Pressure Gear Oils, AGMA: 9005-E02 (5EP), Clean S-200 Oxidation, DIN: 51 517 Part 3, David Brown: S1.53.101 (5e), FZG: Pass 12, Pass 13, Cincinnati Machine: Landis P-74 (C-220), & U.S. Steel: 224.

Directions for use: Follow manufacture’s SAE weight recommendations, filling instructions, recommended oil capacity, and all other OEM specifications. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS, WET CLUTCH APPLICATIONS OR ANY FRICTION OR BALL DRIVE CENTRIFUGAL STYLE SUPERCHARGERS.

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