Metal Enhancements

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Cryogenic Processing

PROCESS: Deep freeze process that removes localized stress, alters and stabilizes molecular structure.
RESULT: Dimensional and core stability increasing wear and fracture resistance.

Thermal Stabilization

PROCESS: Heat treat draw to reduce stress.
RESULT: More resistance to surface fractures.

Shot Peen

PROCESS: Action that converts tensile stress (bad stress) into compressive stress (good stress).
RESULT: Higher load capacity.

Surface Enhancement

PROCESS: High energy, extremely uniform finishing process that microscopically blends peaks and valleys of surface finishes.
Unlike other surface enhancement processes our method does not alter gear involute form, resulting in uncompromised integrity.
RESULT: Reduced surface friction.

It is impossible for any single process to be the optimal enhancement for all applications. As applications vary and to best suit your needs, we can recommend the best process or combination of processes to achieve optimum results.