Face Plate/Pro Shift Gear Modifications

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Pro shifting and face plating eliminate the need to worry about missed shifts. This is made possible by removing the stock synchronizers and opening up the engagement window for faster, higher RPM shifting.

Initially, the cost of face plating is slightly more than pro shifting, but in the long run you will find that face plating is more cost effective due to less wear on engagement components.

With Pro Shifting, the shift lugs engage on the inside of the slider and as the pro rings wear from normal use, they burr up and require dressing, deburring and/or replacement to maintain smooth shifting.

With face plating, the engagement lugs are on the face of the slider which will not allow them to burr up and require maintenance. The design of the face plate shift lugs have more contact area which makes them substantially more durable, so longevity is increased dramatically and there is virtually no chance of them popping out of gear.

Pro shifting and face plating do NOT make your transmission clutchless. The shock load of shifting without the clutch will cause severe damage to your transmission.

Parts or complete transmissions can be sent in for face plate or pro shift modification.