Extreme-T Transmissions

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EXTREME-T 2, 3, 4, and 5-Speed Transmissions

The most versatile, purpose-built transmission for extreme classes like Pro Mod, 10.5, and Drag Radial.

Designed for use with Torque Converter Drive Units.
Choose ratios from the “EXTREME-T” ratio chart.

Custom ratios available upon request.

2-Speed-Shorty Style (Billet Housing Only) $9,800
3-Speed-Shorty Style $9,200
4-Speed-Shorty Style $11,000
5-Speed-Shorty Style $12,800

  • Magnesium Case (Optional Billet Aluminum Case Available $1,800)
  • 32-Spline VASCOMAX® Maraging Output Shaft
  • 300M Input Shaft (6-Parallel, 32 or 35-Spline)
  • 300M (5-Speed)/VASCOMAX® (2, 3, 4-Speed) Cluster Shafts
  • Exclusively V.A.R. Material Gears
  • Pneumatic Shifter (Pistol Grip or Push Button) or Manual Shifter (Tailhousing Option with Pneumatic Shifter add $600)
  • Metal Enhancement Processing
    • Shot Peen, Cryogenic Processing, Surface Enhancement

Brandon Snider’s Pro Extreme. 3.51 @ 217mph

Ric Fleck’s Pro Mod